Lizzy Artwork

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Lizzy Artwork

Lisa also known as Lizzy does dreamy drawings of the ocean, the surf and the people that live by the sea. Her style is unique and her inspiration comes right from her backyarden which is the ocean in Baleal! We had a little chat with Lisa about »Lizzy Artwork«


How did Lizzy Artwork started?

Drawing was always part of my life, but only in 2012 after my degree in the touristic area I was trying to find a path to follow through, and a friend showed me the work of a spanish illustrator, and at the moment I felt the »click« to start drawing again. The feedbacks to my first illustrations were very good since the beginning and I decided to apply it on the shirts of an alternative surfwear brand I owned at the time. In 2015 I decided to quit the clothing and focus entirely on my illustrations, as it allows me to reinvent myself as much as I want and control all the process.





What was your first drawing?

My first drawing was Captain. KK, as a tribute to the friend who showed me my future! It was really a turning point in my life, even though he didn’t realized how huge it was in that moment, it determined all my life since then.


What inspires you?

Inspiration can come from everywhere, as long as I’m fully at the present to understand how an experience, a conversation, a surf session, a single picture… can generate emotion and have influence over me. I also feel very inspired when I see beautiful art and pictures.



When do you draw? Do you need to be in a special mood or in an emotional situation?

I only can draw if im in peace or if I can understand and accept my emotions. I believe the things that truly worth to be shared to the world should come from a peaceful heart. There is already too much inquietness in the world, and people just need inspiration and honesty. Usually I say that I recycle energy, because firstly I need to experience and feel absorved by some feeling or emotion and then at some point I need to express this energy somehow.


What makes drawing you feel like?

Drawing is my channel with my deepest voice, it is the vehicle that allows me to discover myself. Usually only after a collection I can tell what was the main inspiration behind it, and my energy finds a way of revealing itself using what my mind recognizes as beauty. Drawing makes me achieve piece by piece the pieces of my biggest puzzle, it is how I listen my inner self. It makes me feel more connected with myself.



What are your futures goals for your work?

I really dont know! I draw because I feel the need to expel my truths, but sometimes the energy doesn’t manifest itself through my trace but through another activity, and I am honest with this needs.


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