Sean Koch Trio: Über deutsche Frikadellen, Musik und das Surfen

von Katha

Spätestens seit dem Surf & Skatefestival im Sommer wissen wir, dass das Sean Koch Trio wunderbare Musik zaubert, die glücklich macht. Sogar im tristen Winter, bringen einen die Songs von Sean, Ross und Shaun weit weg und zurück in die Sonne. Vielleicht sogar einen kurzen Augenblick ans Meer. Die Jungs aus Südafrika haben jeden Tag das Meer vor der Nase und können neben dem Musizieren auch Surfen! Wenn sie nicht auf Tour sind, sogar jeden Tag.
Wir haben uns mit der Band nach einem fantastischen Konzert in Köln getroffen und haben sie nicht nur über ihre Musik, sondern auch über das Surfen in ihrer Heimat Kapstadt ausgequetscht. Ziemlich ungewöhnlich bei einem Interview einer Band den Fokus nicht auf die Musik zu setzen, aber die Jungs haben die sehr gefreut und man hat gemerkt, dass sie Surfleidenschaft genau so in sich tragen wie das Musikerherz.
Am besten hätten wir das Interview als Tonspur veröffentlicht, denn die ganzen Lacher und witzigen Kommentare einzubauen ist unmöglich.


How do you like Germany?
Ross: We love it. It snowed this morning and this was the best thing ever, because i never saw snow before.
Sean: Ross was freaking out, he almost started to cry.
Shaun: My favorite thing about being in germany is, that people really appreciate music in a different way. It’s a stronger music culture here. Big time!

How many times have you been in Germany before?
Shaun: This is our second tour in Germany.
Sean: But it seems like we are constantly passing through Cologne. Our manager Leila lives here, so it’s always a kind of a base. But this tour is super intense and we have a show every night. So there is lot of driving.

Is there anything in particular you like to eat or drink when you are here?
Sean: Bratwurst! And a good Mayonese. And also Frikadelle. How can we forget the Frikadelle?
Ross: We love Frikadelles.
Sean: Shaun is a vegeterian, so he is not involved in these meat kind of things, but he loves cellery sticks.
Shaun: Yeah! And there is some good cucumber as well.

We saw you playing during summer on the Surffestival. Do you think it’s weird to have a Surffestival in landlocked place like Cologne?
Sean: Honestly, it’s hilarious. Because we grew up literraly on the ocean. The Surfculture is huge in Capetown. Then i come here to germany and see how big the Surculture is. And I am cruising around Cologne and I see people tying up their boards on rooftops!
But the further away you live from the ocean, the more passionate you are. You don’t take it for granted: You talk about the swell which is coming in, plan, make a trip with you crew and go on a real mission. You frooth about it, that is epic!

Is everyone of you surfing?
Sean: We all surf but Shaun is taking a backseat now, because he is focussing on growing his beard.
Ross: Sean used to be sponsored.
Sean: I surfed for O’neill when i was in school for 3 or 4 years. We went on all those surfcontests in Southafrica, which was nice. But you always need to know what you really want to do in live and how you can realistically make a living out of that.

How did your band started?
Sean: Honestly, when i was surfing I never knew that i would play in a band. I was just playing music by myself and doing little shows. I i had this little demo tape in Rosses car. I never met Shaun before but he heard that demotape an called me.
Shaun: Probably the first words I said Sean were: Hey, let’s work together.
Sean: So this is where we are now. This is the most exiting journey we have been on in our lives.
Shaun: Let me tell you a story! I don’t tell this story very often, but I met Ross on a sunny beautiful day in a park. He came across with that duffel bag. Like a big dufflebag with every different instrument you can image.

What inspires you?
Ross: The music! Meeting other bands and other people. Seeing what they do and how the play inspires me.

Did you guys surfed somewhere around so far?
Shaun: No not yet, but we are going to hat Riverwave in Munich.
Sean: Is it really a river?

Rückfrage Shaun an uns: Did you guys surfed before?
Katha: Yeah, for 10 years now.
Sean: Shaun, that’s why they are running a surfing magazine! Or do you think she woke up one morning and was like: Aaaw, okay I am a surfer now. Today I surf.

Do you have localism in Capetown?
Shaun: Yes, i got kicked out oft he water once before.
Sean: Yeah we do have localism. But we had localism as well in Portugal and you don’t want to paddle insight to that old portugese guys.

Why do you like surfing so much?
Sean: It is a spiritual thing. Billabong has that Slogan: Only a surfer knows the feeling- and it’s the truth. Because it is such a lifestyle. It comes part of your culture. If you ever expirienced surfing, there is nothing like it. I just love paddling out, sitting in the water when it’s glassy and the sun is setting, that is the base form of meditation.
Shaun: It is definetly meditation!

Have you had a dangerous or funny encounter in the water?
Shaun: Yes! I had the possibily scariest surf in my life when I was with Ross.
Ross: It was a massive day and I wasn’t sure if it is too big for him. Then he went and he was shitting himself in the pants.
Shaun: It was an enormous day, it were literally mountains. The wave stood up like a wall and collapses.
Sean: There is that place, where it is very sharky. When you paddle in you think it’s the end of your life. But then you do it again.


Which kind of boards do you like to surf the most?
Sean & Shaun: Definitely Shortboars! Little Fishes as well, they are nice, they just flow.
Ross: I love Fishes too.

One last question: Is there anything you miss about home?
Sean: Surfing!
Shaun: My dog! I miss him so much.
Ross: My girlfriend! And my dogs. I got 4.

…den aller größten Spaß hatten die Jungs übrigens beim Malen der Wellen. Das war wirklich reinstes Vergnügen dabei zuzusehen.

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