Surfing, music and good vibes – Surfana Festival

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Surfing, music and good vibes – Surfana Festival

Surfana Festival is a small, lovely and amazing festival in the Netherlands right at the beach in Bloemendaal. The festival is so special because of it’s unique location, free spirits and surfer and musicians from all around the world. Basically it’s a gathering of good vibes! This season Surfana celebrates it’s 5th edition with a hand full of great bands and surfing atmosphere. We had a little chat with Nino, who is part of the festival organization…



Hey Nino, thanks for having us…how did the idea came up to run a festival of surfing and music? and  when was the first festival?

Surfana is a surf and good life collective founded in the summer of 2007. The motivation of the collective is based on a desire to live a life based on love, passion and freedom. The idea came up from out the Surf school. we really wanted to organize a small festival for friends, family and our crew. Being together and sharing music, beers, surf and good times was the essence of this festival. 2011 was the first edition of Surfana Festival and it was a blast.
Your slogan says „choose the good life“: what does „good life“ mean?
‘The good life’ is ofcourse for everyone different. It’s really easy to lose yourself into the pressure of society. ‘The good life’ for us means becoming one with nature through surfing, connecting with people but most of all yourself and making decisions based on love passion and freedom. Being together and sharing good times.



What can we expect of the festival this year?

The festival takes place in the middle of the dunes around camping ‘De Lakens’ in Bloemendaal. Bands from all over the world, surf focuses, an array of workshops -films, art, good food and camp vibes. What we love most, we’ve put together into a mind blowing experience for all to enjoy. So let’s boogie together on one of our favourite bands and celebrate this fifth edition of Surfana festival.

Surfana festival is all about good vibes! What is important to „create“ good vibes?

Good vibes starts with us. It’s all about being together and doing what we love. Dancing barefoot, surfing, and getting inspired by surf films, inspirational speakers or with a wide range of clinics and we would love to share this with all of you.



What is surfing in the Netherlands like? And is there a chance of waves in summer, during the festival?

Surfing in the Netherlands is about patience, being dedicated and excitement. What surfing in the Netherlands makes so special is the absolutely stokedness from the surfers. Being excited for the swell hitting land, calling all your surfbuddy’s to drop their work and phones, exchanging laptops for softtops and making the most out of it. For sure still winter and autumn are the best but we can’t complain with our last summers.



In a few words: why should we all go to Surfana festival?

To connect with other people, sharing good times, music, learning new things and making unforgettable memories. To forget your daily life and be here and now together with us in the middle of the dunes.

Cheers Nino, we can’t wait for Surfana Festival 🙂


All pictures: © Surfana Festival

Surfana Festival Website

When: 22, 23, 24 & 25 June

Where: Camping de Lakens- Bloemendaal aan Zee

Line – up: Ziggy Alberts(AUS), Caravana Sun (AUS), SInkane(VS),  Roots Rising (NL), The Dawn Brothers(NL), Mauskovic Dance Band (NL), Mamihlapinatapai (ES) and more…

Tickets: Weekend tickets+ sleeping: € 110.-, Daytickets: from € 15.-

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